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If you want me to come visit you, email me the name of your favorite local club and let's make this dream of yours a reality!!! xoxo Make sure you check out my recyclables section for adult videos and #tazertimeswagger available.

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    January 07, 2016 12:43am
    Ok, I GIVE!  I’ve been putting it off for so long.  I finally have the studio set up in my room.  So, expect to be blown away thi ...Read More

  • Nudes A Poppin
    July 22, 2015 03:26am
    HAD A GREAT TIME! NAP 2015 rocked- I learned a lot about myself this year....I already know a lot of things I need to fix and for once I am pretty s ...Read More

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Age: 35

Zodiac Sign: Aries

Body Style: Average

Bra Size: C

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Blond

Hair Length: Long

Height: 5' 7"

Skin Tone: Medium

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Describe in detail your ultimate sexual fantasy:

I have fulfilled a few. I have had an orgy with a group of girls on tape--don't remember a lot of it cuz it was during biketoberfest in Daytona and moon shine had the better part of my memory....I've done the pull off the side of the road deal and had coyotes surround the car...CREEPY!! I've had sex in front of my friend....she ran to McDonalds and came back to us doing it....she sat and watched as she ate her chicken nuggets lol

Favorite position?

i love it from behind....and in the behind!!!

What is the lamest pick up line you have ever heard?

Email me your lamest pick up line!!

How many dates do you go on before a guy has a chance of getting lucky?

it def depends on the guy!

If no one would ever find out what would you do on the first date?

ive had straight anal and it wasn't even a date...guess you could call me a bit of a naughty girl

Do you wear panties with skirts and dresses? Why?

If you don't know this answer you need to get to know me more =0P

Have you ever flashed anyone in public?

i took an entire photo shoot on the side of two major highways in peoria. i wore a dress with no panties on so it wasn't too obvious but you can say i flashed the entire lunch rush =0)

Have you ever been so turned on by a customer in the club that you took them home and rocked their world?

I have been so turned on by a customer that when grinding on their pants it sent me into orgasms...and I can't lie...I probably have hooked up with a tried to marry me =0)I ALMOST did it!!!


ha there isn't much I don't like....sour krout? YUCK! LIVER...ew.....I don't care much for the cold.....wish it could snow when it's warm outside lol

What would you say is your greatest skill in the bedroom?

i LOVE reverse cowgirl but heard i'm good with my mouth =0)

Has a man ever payed attention to your feet during sex? Describe how it felt?

It's kind of a creepy turn it tickles when they suck your toes =0)

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