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About Us was created to bridge the gap between gentlemen's clubs and customers. In turn, it provides the club patrons with the ability to bridge the gap between fantasy and reality. Not only will they be able to get that lapdance from a girl that catches their eye, but they then have the ability to relive that experience from the comfort of their own home. Fantasies aside, the customer can keep abreast of their favorite dancers and clubs through their customized pages.

Customers can use our site to search for the clubs or individual dancers that they are interested in, and then they can subscribe to a dancer's fan club or become a club's VIP. They will receive regular updates via email informing them of new content, schedule performances as they are added, new club coupons as they are uploaded, as well as any upcoming special offers or newly added special events. Depending on the participation level desired by a dancer, the customer has access to video-on-demand, webcams, photo galleries, and private party bookings. They also have access to the ever growing products of Our growth plan is just like a real strip mall, we are constantly adding related specialty shops as the site grows. One of our most popular stores is a fetish store we call our recycling program and is available on both the club and dancer pages. This program allows the consumer to purchase personal(panties, shoes, etc) and collectible items - some of which have appeared in photo shoots or our studio-produced video-on-demand and were worn by the dancer participating in that shoot or production.

The customer can also use while traveling to find clubs in the area, with a full listing of that club's information, via club name or an intelligent area search. strives to be the most up to date site on all the clubs in the U.S. as well as an information source for the industry. Participating clubs will have a carousel of their girls when they are the result of a club search to help entice the customer and drive more business through their doors.

Both dancers and clubs can take advantage of an easy to use website that is under their control, with most of our compelling features offered free of charge. comes with both revenue generating videos and a premium/guest photo feature, and both dancers and clubs have the built in ability to show a video commercial that only appear if activated. Customer capture for the dancer and club occurs through our fan club and VIP services, while also offering a built in calendar, Facebook and Twitter integration, and a personal store function through our recycling fetish program. has an intuitive design, which means not only does it make it easy to use, it also means that if a feature is not being used it does not appear, creating a clean and polished, professional look even for dancers and clubs using the most minimal of features. provides dancers with a much needed tool to help them develop a relationship with their customers through continuous communication. This line of communication will help in developing more intimate and compelling relationships, creating increased revenues for years to come as those customers become consistent regulars. Each dancer has creative control over their personal page as well as the ability to choose which tools that they would like to use, which also controls what kinds of content they want to focus on to create revenues. Again, all of these features are available upon registration at no charge. We make no money until you start creating revenues, and even then we take only a small percentage of what you earn. The lion's share remains with you. strives to give a potentially non-tech savvy club the much needed edge to compete in an ever evolving tech savvy world. It provides the club with multiple tools to not only develop more regulars but also increase revenues as well as efficiency. This a la-carte system includes an easy to use, fully functional and customizable free website. Customer capture is one of the keys to success in an ever growing competitive industry, and has many tools built into it to facilitate that information capture. We offer the customer participation in text clubs, VIP programs, as well as several other more subtle forms of customer tracking to create reports so you know what ad campaigns or marketing approaches bring you the most value. also provides all clubs with a coupon system to drive potential new visitors to club. These coupons can be created in house by you or you can take advantage of our on-staff graphic artists to create your vision.

In the near future, we are also going to offer a complete solution that allows you to take control of the video monitors in your club and turn each one into a powerful marketing tool. Other features coming soon include a customer VIP rewards system that generates history on individual consumers, full advertising tracking and reporting, and customer targeted gifting. We are also working hard at creating some new tools that will allow dancers and clubs to create a more individual look through a free offering of selectable templates, with the opportunity to always request a custom template generated by our graphic artists.

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